Wave Wipeout: Woman Struggles to Regain Footing on Mexican Beach

A vacationer who was knocked head over heels by waves on the beach of San Pancho, Mexico, was cheered on by her laughing friend seated safely in the sand.Melissa Daniela Martinez Balderas was on a vacation with friends when she recorded one of her travel companions being repeatedly swept off her feet by tall waves on the beach at San Pancho.Balderas said: “I started recording the video because the waves that day were very high and my friend was about to get out of the beach and thought something funny could come out of it.”The video went viral on TikTok with more than 30 million views, gathering lots of good advice for the struggling swimmer in the comments.One user commented: “NEVER EVER turn your back to a wave” while another had a much more practical approach, saying: “This is a great lesson why you should definitely wear a secure bathing suit… take notes people.”The end of the video shows Balderas’s friend emerging from the water laughing and uninjured. Credit: Melissa Daniela Martinez Balderas via Storyful

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